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Concrete Placing

Precision. Punctuality. Commitment to Excellence.

We have two Putzmeister TB105 Concrete Conveyors that are available to be rented out (operator included) for large projects you may have or if they are just hard to reach. This truck has: 

  • 105 ft horizontal reach

  • 18" conveyor belt width

  • Maximum rated output up to 360 yds/hr

  • Handles slumps from 0" to 12" 

  • Places materials from sand to 4" rock 


This system is great for placing stone and concrete alike and can be an asset for footings, walls, or flatwork. If you'd like more info on pricing or how to schedule give us a call. 

Concrete Placing: About
Concrete Conveyor
Slinger and Conveyor placing stone
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